Here is the detailed change log

Version 2.0 March 28, 2017

# Type Information
1 New User registration system
2 New Landing page to inform your users about the features, pricing packages etc./td>
3 New Primary SEO Settings
4 New Change logo and favicon directly from app
5 New Google Analytics Integration
6 New OneDrive Integration. SSL Certificate is required for OneDrive Integration.
7 New Option to repost public instagram image or videos. Just include post's embed code or URL to the image/video url field. Application will grab the media from the Instagram servers and generate local URl to post it.
8 New Automatic Image Resize. Images which are not in correct aspect ratio will be resized automatically. With this feature, there is no need to worry about the image sizes.
9 New Purchase code validation.
10 Improvement PNG support. Now it is possible to post PNG images. System will convert them to correct format at time of publishing.
11 Improvement Dropbox Integration. Now you can safely schedule images/video from Dropbox. There is no time limit.
12 Improvement Package system completely rewritten. Now packages are more flexible than version 1.0. You can define several features for packages.
13 New Free trial package: Flexible free trial package for your users.
14 Bug Fix Images with buggy EXIF data will be optimized automatically.
15 Improvement PayPal payments. PayPal integration completely changed. Now you must include PayPal API Cliend ID and Client Secret to accept payments. This way it's more stable.
16 Improvement Minor design improvements
17 Improvement Video tab on post page will be visible only if FFMPEG extension installed on your server.
18 Improvement Translation system has been changed. Now most of translation strings are stored in .po files
19 Improvement Installation interface has been updated. Now there is an option to upgrade from previous version(s) or clean new install.
20 Improvement Optimized for MySQL strict mode.
21 Bug Fix Minor bug fixes on User page.
22 Bug Fix Some other minor bugs are fixed.

Version 1.0 Februarys 20, 2017

# Type Information
1 Release Initial Release