Frequently asked questions

Here is the frequently asked questions. For issue tracking or bug report please go to our GitHub repository

  • I get an error while trying to post video. What should I do?
    • To post video FFMPEG extension must be installed on your server. Please contact your hosting provider to check if FFMPEG is installed correctly.
    • If FFMPEG is installed, then make sure that your videos match following requirements. Video must be at least 3 seconds long Maximum width 1080 pixels Frame Rate 29.96 frames per second H.264 codec / MP4 AAC audio codec at 44.1 kHz mono 5,500 kbps video bitrate Less than 50 Mbytes
  • I get Uploaded image isn't in an allowed aspect ratio error. What should I do
    Although app. has automatic image resize on backend, you can get such an for for some images. At this case, make sure that your image is in correct aspect ratio for Instagram.
  • I’m not able to add my Instagram account.
    For some account Instagram adds extra security layer. If you get an error please try logging in Instagram’s website, after login, you should be asked to verify previous login. After verifying try to add your account again.
  • What is the difference between Regular License and Extended License
    • If you're planning to charge your users through the app, you have to buy extended license.
    • Regular license is something like self use. You cannot charge your users with Regular license. If you want to charge your user with this app then, you have to buy Extended License. In other words, if you want to use PayPal feature of the app then Extended License is required. We’ve made 60% discount to the Extended License for a limited time.
  • Do you offer customization?
    Yes, we offer customization to the app. Feel free to contact us via
  • I don’t understand documentation. Can you help me to install the app?
    Yes, we’re here to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us via You can also order installation service from us. Installation service costs additonal 20$.