How to tips

After installing the script successfully it's very easy to schedule or post your images to instagram

  • How to add instagram account?

    Saved Accounts from the left side menu. Then click New Account button. You should see a popup window to insclude account credentials. Include your account details and click Add account button. After few second you should see success message. Now you are ready to schedule or post images.

  • How to post an image?

    Click "ADD POST" button on any page. Choose the image or video you want to post by clicking Browse button. You may also choose your file by clicking dropbox icon. After choosing image/video select the instagram accounts you want to publish to from dropdown list in "Choose Account" section.

    If you want to schedule the post for future time just mark Schedule chechbox and select the time to publish the post.

  • What is save for later?

    Save for later doesn't publish anything to instagram. It just saves the post in internal system. After saving the post you change and publish (or schedule) this post whenever you want.

  • What "Scheduled Posts" menu is for?

    On this page you may see the list of your scheduled posts.

  • How to add new user?

    Only admins can add new user. Select Team Members from left menu. Then click new user button on top right. Choose account type, package, expire date, status and other data such as user's firstname and lastname.

    Please keep in mind that user's with account type admin can add other new users or even delete other users' accounts. Users with status "Deactive" will not be able to login into the system.

  • How o add new package?

    Select the Packages tab from Settings menu. Then click he New Package button on top right. Enter Package details and click save.