Scheduling Posts

Proper cron task must be configured for publising scheduled posts. Otherwise scheduled posts will not be published.

Cron task should run once per minute. In some servers, minimum interval for running cron tasks is 15 minutes. If you set interval to 15 minutes, all of your scheduled posts still will publish. But publish time might delay up to 15 minutes.

Scheduled posts are being published by opening /cron page in your app. So if you've installed the app to then cron URL will be

Complete cron task should be similar to followin line:

* * * * * wget -- spider -O - >/dev/null 2>&1 should be changes with the actual URL of your app.

How to video

This is example how to video for configuring cron task


In some servers, it's permitted to send wget output to the /dev/null directory. At this case, outputs from cron task probably will be directed to you root directory. And that will be resulted with the creation of new file in root diectory everytime cron task runs. You can solve this problem by changing cron command with followin line:

* * * * * wget --quiet -O /dev/null

If your server doesn't support cron task, then you'll not be able to schedule posts successfully. There is not any workaround, please don't ask.